Our tenants talk about us:

We were very happy to have our pre-opening office for our first hotel in Russia at the New St.Isaac Office Centre for the period of June 2011 – March 2012. The business center is located in a carefully restored historic building and provides excellent levels of cleanliness, security and overall attention. On behalf of the Four Seasons team we would like to thank the staff of the New St.Isaac Office Centre for a warm welcome to Russia and all their support.

Martin Rhomberg General Manager of Four Seasons Hotel Lion Palace St Petersburg

I can safely say that we didn’t err in our choice of office. The employees of the company “Kemira HIM LLC” are happy to be able to come to work in the New St. Isaac’s office center, right in the heart of the city. The building meets all modern requirements. It’s well located, the facades and the front of the building have been redeveloped with love, and the European methods of management and service don’t fail to impress.

Alexander Titov Director of Kemira HIM company

A central location is a significant factor for a headhunting company. It is also pleasant to work in a historical mansion which has a rich heritage and modern technical equipment, among reputable companies. We appreciate the individual and service minded approach of the owners and management. It is a pleasure to be in the New St.Isaac Office Сentre.

Henric Nilsson General Director of Human Search ZAO

Only a management team including owners who care and take an active role and consisting of people who participated in the project from the very beginning and who thoroughly know the building and all of its nuances like the back of their hand, can be truly devoted to the complex and ensure the level of service and the close relationships with tenants that we appreciate so much.

Irina Lubina Director of Primexpo company

Our company is actively developing its business in Russia and serves an ever-growing number of customers. In this regard, we sought a representative office, which, despite its relatively small size, would be located in the city centre, have a presentable appearance and high quality service at a reasonable price. We believe that the New St.Isaac Office Centre, which we have chosen, fully satisfies all the criteria mentioned above. We also appreciate the historical charm of our office, the uniform quality of the tenants and the attention of the management company to our needs.

Olga Rimskaya-Korsakova Head of Conject AG representative office in Russia

We have chosen the New St.Isaac Office Centre because the business centre miraculously combines the subtle styling of the atmosphere of old St. Petersburg with strict compliance with all the requirements of modern business. We particularly appreciate the personalized approach of the business centre management to each tenant, the flawless service and the respect shown for business needs and the individual style of our company. That is what distinguishes the New St.Isaac Office Centre from other business centers in St. Petersburg.

Elena Filimonova HR manager of TBricks company