Technical characteristics

General characteristics

  • The total area of offices 2 644 m2
  • Warehouse premises for tenants 73,5 m2
  • Bicycle parking 24 bikes
  • Individual architectural project with preservation of all historical details
  • Fiber-optic telephone and information cables provided by Sovintel company
  • Office LED-lighting: Nichia light-emitting diodes (Japan), white light, colore temperature of 4000 K
  • De-icing system was installed on the roof with heated cables as well as heating steps in front of the main staircases

Climate system

  • Automated forced-ventilation system with heat recovery
  • GOLD Wing air handling system
  • Multi-zone air conditioning system based on Super MMS TOSHIBA

Twenty-four hour security presence

  • All rooms are equipped with a fire alarm system
  • Separate set of 20 internal and external CCTV cameras
  • Flexible system of access to the territory of both the business centre and office premises. This allows us to take into account the wishes of the tenants, providing security from the simplest "concierge" type to a non-contact access system based on the Proxi-card with registration of time of entry/exit and recording by CCTV system
  • Glass breakage sensors are installed on all windows of the buildings