Excursion for the visitors of the Institute of St. Petersburg

On December, 20, New St.Isaac’s organized an excursion for students of the Institute of St. Petersburg. The public organization “Institute of St. Petersburg” specializes in educating adults about St. Petersburg and its history. In addition to lectures, students go on excursions in particular around new buildings or places of unique historical significance.

Excursion for the visitors of the Institute of St. Petersburg In line with tradition, the excursion commenced at the crossing of Yakubovich Street and Konnogvardeysky Lane (former New St. Isaac’s street and Sarepta Lane). The guests learned about the history of the mustard house, went up the three main staircases, visited the old attic and went down to the basement, where they found a recipe for Sarepta gingerbread on the walls in one of the offices. They also got to play a ‘mustard’ quiz and received lots of Sarepta-themed prizes. “We are very grateful for your hospitality, the excursion and creating a true New Year atmosphere for our visitors. We are incredibly inspired by your loving approach to the historic walls and the talent of the gifted designers. I hope this will be not the only meeting we have”. Alla Knyazkina and the visitors from the Institute of St.Petersburg.